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Foies Gras du Périgord

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Missions, objectives and structure of the Association

The Missions

2 main missions are obligatory in the Périgord Foie Gras Association:

  • The first, its historical purpose around the creation of the IGP “Canard à foie gras du Sud-Ouest – Périgord ", the certification, the inspections and the daily support of its members for Origin and Quality themes. The Association is the first contact for producers or processors of ducks when they request to be accredited to IGP Périgord. The Association acts as an interface between the members and the various administrative structures involved in the IGP (Palso, Qualisud, Departmental analysis laboratory, Veterinary services, etc.)
  •  The second, which follows naturally from the first, namely the defense of the Origin and Quality of the Périgord, the promotion and communication around IGP Périgord products. Thus a range of POS (promotion at the point of sale, or communication tools like posters, stickers, displays, aprons, etc.) was developed to harmonize the visuals that accompany the Périgord IGP products in the shops, on the stores shelves, markets, fairs and exhibitions. The Association is currently developing a range of digital tools (new website, smartphone app, blog) to bring more services (research of sale, georeferencing of producers, etc.) and entertainment (quiz, recipes, etc.) for consumers.
The Objectives

Ensure full traceability and specification compliance "Canard à foie gras du Sud-Ouest – Périgord" for products throughout the IGP Périgord chain.

Develop awareness of products made from certified IGP Périgord ducks.

Make known the specificities of products made from certified IGP Périgord ducks.

Develop services for consumers in terms of implementation of products (recipes), research outlets, discovery of restaurants involved with the origin and quality of products, smartphone app, etc.

Adopt the same approach in terms of quality monitoring and promotion of the Périgord Goose (only the Duck is now recognised by the IGP). The ‘IGP Oie’ is filed and currently under administrative validation (INAO followed by Europe).

The Structure

The association represents nearly 270 members from hatcheries to processors through breeders, fatteners, slaughterers-cutters, farmer producers who sometimes provide all the operations and the technical and administrative monitoring of structures (Chambers of Agriculture, Crafts Trades, Economics, producers Groups, Cooperatives, Palso, etc.).

To ensure decisions taken within the Association, a Board of Directors whose composition is detailed in a specific section, meets regularly. This Board of Directors gives a fairly accurate picture of the diversity of the members of the Périgord Foie Gras Association in terms of jobs and economic areas.

Daily, two employees are the interlocutors of the members and all the Association's partners in the areas of certification, quality, communication and promotion. Every week they are on the ground and are in tune with the realities of different trades grouped in the Association.

An identification visible by all

For each certified product, the original warranty is attested by a specific and approved labelling, highlighting:

  • The geographical mention of Périgord
  • Two of the main certified characteristics which are:
    • Duck raised in the Périgord
    • Duck fattened with corn
  • The contact details of the Certifying Organization
  • The reference number of the specifications applied.