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Foies Gras du Périgord

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Where to buy Périgord foie gras ?

Where to buy Périgord foie gras ?


The end of the year holiday season is a time to enjoy the Périgord Foie gras, with family or friends. You do not know where to buy this festive dish par excellence? Here are our addresses and our tips for choosing your foie gras, raised and processed in Périgord.

In supermarkets :

With Christmas and New Year's Eve approaching, the supermarket shelves are usually well stocked with Périgord Foie gras. You will find the full range, from blocks of foie gras to whole foie gras. Be careful though to choose it. Make sure your purchase includes the official logo "Périgord Certified Origin" or the blue and yellow label of the IGP Périgord duck foie gras. This assures you are buying foie gras whose origin and quality are strictly guaranteed.

In specialty shops

Would you like advise by a seller before buying your Périgord foie gras and have access to a wide choice? Go to the specialty shops! They are present everywhere in the Périgord Foie gras production area, they are also located in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse. For those who like to prepare their own Périgord Foie gras terrine, some stores also offer fresh foie gras.

In fairs and exhibitions dedicated to gastronomy

Would you like to meet Périgord foie gras producers? Exhibitions are the ideal places for you to buy foie gras before the holidays. Some producers of Périgord foie gras participate in these events. To see them, you can for example go to the Salon Saveurs, from 4th to 7th December in Paris at the Espace Champerret or on 5th and 6th December at the Marché des producteurs du square des Batignolles in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. The list is not exhaustive!

By mail or by internet

You do not have the time to hunt around in shops and at trade shows? Remember to mailorder your Périgord foie gras. You can do this with companies specializing in mailorders of Périgord foie gras. You can also order online on the websites of producers and Périgord foie gras shops. Here is the complete list!