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Foies Gras du Périgord

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The Périgueux pâté: expertise and local delicacy since medieval times

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The Périgueux pâté: expertise and local delicacy since medieval times


Périgord foie gras is in the composition of the famous Périgueux pâté whose ancestral recipe is enough to make your mouth water. Meet the experts in the field, who bring the Périgueux pâté to date.


Renaissance of the Périgueux pâté

Do you know of the Périgueux pâté? Traditional dish based on Périgord Foie gras, pork and truffle, it had lost a bit of its luster. In 1998, the rebirth of the Confrérie du Pâté de Périgueux has given its pedigree to an exceptional dish. "We have created a contest to incite the artisans to continue producing a real Périgueux pâté the proper way", says Francis Delpey, the vice-president of the Confrérie du Pâté de Périgueux. It must be said that in 500 years of history, the recipe for this delicious dish has undergone transformations. Originally, Périgueux pâté was cooked in the heart of a pastry in the baker’s oven. In the eighteenth century, foie gras was introduced. Today it is most often presented canned, without the crust.

Made in the middle of winter

So what is a true Périgueux pâté? For the Brotherhood, the Pâté must fit in a 200-gram tin. It must consist of 57% of South-west grain Pork stuffing, 40% Périgord duck or goose foie gras and at least 3% of Périgord truffle. "We look very closely to the quality of the foie gras. Participants must also use a well-flavored truffle bought at the market, the best are collected in January and February. Winter is also the time when the pig is killed. The date of manufacture in the middle of winter is the guarantee of an authentic Périgueux pâté and good quality", says Francis Delpey, also a confectioner of Périgueux pâté at the Le 6e Sens à Périgueux deli. Now, a collective trademark was filed at the Prefecture.

A birthday cake

Périgueux pâté is essentially made in Périgueux as well as throughout Dordogne. Originally, before the appearance of canned foie gras, it was enjoyed only as Perigueux Pâté. Today, the Périgord Foie gras can of course be appreciated in multiple forms, including in a pie.
Périgueux pâté can be enjoyed a year after its date of manufacture, on its own, accompanied by good bread. "What I like in Périgueux pâté is the truffle that perfumes the fat of the liver and the stuffing. The mix of flavors is perfect in the mouth", says the vice-president of the Brotherhood. Made to order, Francis Delpey prepares the Périgueux Pâtés in the pure tradition, in a crust, "they are like a birthday cake", he highlights.