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Foies Gras du Périgord

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The art of raising ducks under the trees for Périgord foie gras

The art of raising ducks under the trees for Périgord foie gras


Bernard and Romain Pestourie, father and son, together raise the ducks for Périgord foie gras outdoors. Their activity precedes the fattening. The quality of fd for their animals is paramount.

The art of raising IGP Périgord ducks cannot be improvised! It is a question of expertise. On the limestone plateau in the Ladornac commune, in the Terrasson en Dordogne canton, Bernard and Romain Pestourie raise their IGP Périgord and South-west ducks as a family. Bernard's father settled in 1981 as a farmer on the family farm. "My parents had a traditional livestock farm and mixed farming, I decided to devote myself entirely to raising ducks because the land is better suited for it", says Bernard Pestourie. The breeder was joined three years ago, by his son, Romain aged 24.

Free-range breeding and Agroforestry

Their activity precedes the fattening phase of the foie gras from Périgord ducks. Together they devote 20 hectares for raising these ducks ready to be fattened. "We get the ducklings when they are a day old, they remain indoors for 10 or 15 days in the summer and up to 4 weeks in winter, then we feed them outdoors until they are about 12 weeks old", says the farmer. SCEA Pestourie is a complete free-range farm. This means that the ducks do not have access to buildings during their stay on the farm. The ducks live outside, walking on the grass and under the trees. Once the ducks are fed, they are sold to fatteners. "I had practiced fattening but then I prefer to devote myself to breeding, simply because of my affinity for this activity", says Bernard Pestourie.

Périgord Foie gras - Pestourie raising
Impeccable food

The breeder seeks, above all, to feed his animals well in order to get quality ducks. With Romain, they have come up by the end of 2013, with their own factory for the Périgord foie gras ducks’ food. "So we will always buy these noble materials such as corn, wheat and soybeans but we ourselves mix the grain in automated machines. Our goal is to ensure high quality food for our animals”, he insists.

Welcome to the farm

Bernard Pestourie welcomes with open arms curious people, eager to learn more about raising ducks for foie gras from Périgord. The breeder proudly displays his practice of wholly free-range breeding with quality food, to ensure the best quality for the Périgord foie gras consumers. "Local tourist offices direct people to my farm, people who wish to learn more about raising ducks for foie gras from Périgord. Some tourists on hiking trips also drop by. I welcome them with pleasure and it is non-profit, of course!" says Bernard Pestourie. This proud art of breeding, is going to perpetuate for a long time at the SCEA Pestourie. That’s for sure. The second son of the breeder, Léo, 18, is a student at the agricultural high school. He already promised to join his father and brother in a few years to continue the tradition and continue feeding IGP Périgord ducks of the highest quality ...